Waiting for TANEXPO 2018 #1

Milan, fashion capital, also influenced the funeral industry that has borrowed original ideas from great designers collections. Amuela's plexiglas and fabric artifacts are a unique expression of elegance and refinement.

Amuela debuted with unique acrylic crystal urns that wrap precious fabrics - including silk, lace of Calais and jacquard. Moreover, the company produces funeral ornaments, also made with plexiglas and fabric.

The gold and silver Elegance line versions are registering a great success, with the fabric deliberately creased to create a very special effect.
The Woody collection is made with natural durmast or walnut wood with plexiglas finishes to give the ornaments a touch of great refinement.

Discover also the high-end handmade frames and accessories, the excellence of the made in Italy.
Corso di Porta Nuova, 20

20121 Milano (MI)
Tel. +39.02.39549681