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Experience, professionality and creativity are the qualities that characterize a serious company, an important company,
the Lombardo Automotive Srl.
The company, for years, deals with the production and customization of funeral cars. Developing a big reality known within the national and international markets. Its products, which are competitive on the market, have given the Brand a prominent position in the production of special vehicles. What is proposed to the customer is a professional service, but at the same time with craft quality, keeping alive the relationship of trust with the customer.
Satisfaction, Trust and Gratification are the cornerstones of the "Lombardo" philosophy, and each process is performed with meticulousness and detailed attention.
It is clear, in fact, that the company's Vision does not focus on quantity and repetitiveness, but on the quality and exclusivity that distinguishes every product vehicle in their car "Boutique".
"Wind of Change…." From this aphorism the new exclusive product by Lombardo Automotive comes to life. A concept developed following a technological process exemplary. Where the style, the hi-tech systems and the elegant Made in Italy design merge in full to make room for a highly product qualified and defined in every detail.
The Design Department, during the research and development process, has interpreted the peculiar elements that have distinguished, over time, the traditional funeral carriages. Improving their style and the coffin exposition enhancement and impressing on the basic car new dimensions and masses aimed to accommodate e perfect the exhibition.
Each of its lines retraces dynamism and perfection, from vehicle customization to the sinuosity of its forms, from the imposing sides to the details attention and the refinement of the finishes.
Everything perfectly in tune with experience, professionalism and the
creativity that for years has characterized our Company within national and international markets.