General information

  • Where and When will TANEXPO take place?
    TANEXPO will take place at Bologna Fairgrounds, halls 28 | 29 | 30 on 1.2.3 July 2021 New Date!
  • What are the exhibition hours?
    Thursday, 1 July: 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
    Friday, 2 July: 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
    Saturday, 3 July: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • How to get to BolognaFiere?
    By visiting How to get there page you'll find complete instructions to get to TANEXPO by car, by train and by plane.
  • Where to find car parking?
    Parkings are located next to the NORTH Entrance (in front of the motorway exit "Bologna FIERA" and Bologna highway exit no. 8) and to the WEST Entrance "Costituzione" (Bologna highway exit no. 7). For more info visit website.
  • Access to the exhibition centre for disabled
    By car: Motorway exit "Bologna FIERA" or Bologna highway exit no. 8
    Reserved parkings at Piazza Costituzione visitors entrance.
    Taxi for disabled transport: Cotabo - Tel. 051 372727 (24 h su 24).
    Reservation service: Tel. 051 374300 - at least 24 hours in advance.
    On site: Wheelchairs (manual) are available at no charge at visitor entrances, to be requested from BolognaFiere staff.
    Access to all public areas of the Exhibition Centre is guaranteed.
  • How to book at partner hotels?
    You can choose from a list of partners hotels offering discounted rates to TANEXPO visitors and exhibitors.
  • What are the on-site facilities?
    Hotel reservations Bank First aid Cloakroom
    Travel agency Insurance desk Police Bar
    Business assistance Newspapers Post Office Free-flow
    Free internet-point Tobacconist Chemistry Restaurants
  • How can I get further information on TANEXPO?
    Please contact TANEXPO organizers:


    BEXPO srl
    Via Alfieri Maserati, 20
    40128 Bologna
    Tel. +39 051 282611
    Fax. +39 051 6374097

    A company of:


  • Who is eligible to visit TANEXPO?
    Admission to TANEXPO is allowed to professionals only.
    Visitors will be requested to fill in a registration form with complete data (company name, address, telephone, fax, email, www, professional activity, position).
  • Are children allowed to visit TANEXPO?
    Yes, when accompanied by adults. Free entrance for children under 14.
  • How much does it cost to visit the show?
    1 day: € 25 (online purchase) - € 30 (on-site purchase)
    2 days: € 40 (online purchase) - € 45 (on-site purchase)
    3 days: € 60 (online purchase) - € 65 (on-site purchase)
  • How to buy entrance tickets?
    Visitors can buy entrance tickets directly at the exhibition center ticket counters or through the online ticketing service, to avoid queues at the entrance.
  • Are pets allowed into the Exhibition Centre?
    No, pets are not allowed with the exception of assistance dogs.
  • How can I obtain an exhibition catalogue?
    The TANEXPO catalogue, as the Expo Guide map will be distributed for free to all visitors at the exhibition entrances and will be available at all the info points and at the organization office. You will receive a complimentary copy of the exhibition catalogue, as well as the Expo Guide map upon your arrival to the show.

Exhibit at TANEXPO

Stand and set up
  • I wish to exhibit at TANEXPO. How can I book a booth?
    To exhibit at TANEXPO please contact the organization:


    BEXPO srl
    Via Alfieri Maserati, 20
    40128 Bologna
    Tel. +39 051 282611
    Fax. +39 051 6374097

    A company of:

  • How much does it cost to exhibit at TANEXPO?

    To find rates and different options to reserve a stand at TANEXPO please go to the How to Register page.

  • How does it means unfurnished area and pre-furnished stand?
    By unfurnished area it’s meant the floor hire only. The rented area will be marked off with adhesive tape on the floor. The exhibiting company shall provide its own booth equipment (floor carpeting, self-bearing walls, lighting, furniture, graphics) along with the relevant authorizations.
    Pre-furnished stand will be set-up ready for use with walls, floor carpeting and furniture as mentioned in the Application Form.
  • What’s included in the pre-furnished stand?
    Standard set up includes: wooden walls, floor carpeting, company name on the fronts and appropriate lighting. Every 16 sq m unit will have: 1x1 store-room, 1 table, 3 chairs, 1 locker, 1 power outlet, 1 wastepaper basket.
    Basic set-up includes: wooden walls, floor carpeting, company name on the fronts 1 power outlet, and appropriate lighting.
    Quotations for customized set-up solutions are available upon request.

  • Is it possible to attach or hang pictures, posters or other materials on the pre-furnished stand walls?
    It’s strictly forbidden to drill, screw or nail the walls of the stand. It’s only allowed to fasten objects by means of chains hanging from the edge of the walls or using double-sided tape previous application of special protection tape furnished free-of-charge by the set up company (that will be present with a desk in the halls during the set up hours). Monitors or screens can be fixed only by means of clamps.
  • Is it possible to make changes or customize pre-furnished stand fittings?
    Renunciation to one or more elements of the furnishing does not entitle to receive any payment reduction.
    It’s possible to order additional furniture through the specific ordering form in the Exhibitor’s Kit.
  • When will be pre-furnished stands made available to the Exhibitors ?
    Pre-furnished stands will be made available for Exhibitors on June 30 as from 8.00 a.m.
  • Will be there partition walls when a bare area is rented?
    No, there won’t be partition walls. Bare areas will be only marked off by adhesive tape on the floor.
  • When is it necessary to send the stand project? To whom should it be sent?
    If the structure of the stand, or part of it, exceeds a height of 3 m it’s necessary to ask for the organization and Bolognafiere authorization by sending the stand project with measures at
    If the structure is non-standard it is necessary to send the stand project and, if requested, documents stated for non-standard set up (see technical regulation and Form O of the Exhibitors’ Kit) to Bolognafiere, at
    All structures presenting any of the following features shall be considered non-standard setting up: double-deck with walking spaces on the upper floor, even if not accessible to the public, anchors to Bolognafiere structures, lattice structures, accessible intermediate footboards exceeding 0.80 meters. Are also considered non-standard settings all structures set-up in external areas with a covered surface area larger than 75 sq m.
  • Is it possible to close the external sides of the exhibiting area?
    To not limit the exposure of the adjacent stands, it’s not possible to cover with walls more than the 50% of the external sides length. The exhibiting company shall ask prior authorization to the organization, who will examine each project individually, also according to the stand position.
  • Is it possible to send goods by carrier directly to the stand ?
    Express courier can deliver only to BolognaFiere warehouse and have to follow the instructions reported in the Exhibitor Manual in order to avoid delay in entry custom operations and extra costs.

    Via A. Maserati, 20/C 40128 Bologna ITALY
    Ph: +39 051 282816 - Fax: +39 051 637 4036
    with the following opening hours
    8.30 am - 12.00 am
    1.00 pm - 4.30 pm

    Storage and delivery service must be ordered on the website:
  • Is it available a storage service for goods and freights?
    Yes, there’s a fee-service made available by BF SERVIZI company. It’s possible to book it by the relevant ordering form in the Exhibitors’ Kit.
  • Is it possible to start set-up in advance or continue over allocated time?
    Early or additional stand set-up time is subject to a daily / hourly additional fee and it's only allowed to exhibitors who have obtained official permission in writing from the organizer.
  • Is there a specific Entrance for Exhibitors and suppliers during set-up times?
    Exhibitors and their suppliers will have access to the fairgrounds via the MICHELINO Exhibitors’ Entrance – Via Michelino (in front of motorway exit “Bologna Fiera” or Bologna Highway exit no. 8).
  • How to register vehicles and personnel to access the exhibition centre during set-up times?
    Vehicles and personnel must to be registered in advance on the website Each exhibitor will receive a password to enter the reserved area for registration. This password must be used to submit details of the personnel and vehicles of the exhibiting company as well of the set-up companies and suppliers that will enter the exhibition centre.
    For any further information or problems related to the registration, please contact only.

  • What kind of services are included in the admission fee?
    Power connection and flat rate cost up to 5 Kw and daily cleaning service of the stand are included in the admission fee.
  • Is there any insurance cover included?
    Yes, the admission fee includes the Third Party Liability cover and the All Risks cover (including fire and theft) for material and direct damage to furnishings, equipment and goods in the stand according to conditions and maximum coverage stated in the Exhibition Technical Regulation. It’s also possible to subscribe an additional insurance policy.
  • What kind of additional services is it possible to reserve?
    By the relevant ordering forms in the Exhibitors’ Kit it is possible to book:
    Additional power connections or power installation over 5 Kw, connection to water, compressed air, rental of electric equipment, rental of water appliances, additional stand cleaning services, material handling service, waste removal service, goods and packing storage service, rental of furniture, rental of audio and video equipments, rental of landscaping and potted plants, rental of telephone, fax, internet connection, hotel reservation, integrative insurance cover, advertising (in the exhibition centre, on the official catalogue, expo guide map, OLTRE Magazine - web site and email, advertising banner on TANEXPO web site and newsletters).

Marketing and communication
  • What marketing opportunities are there to increase my company's exposure?
    Cost Free opportunities:
    - Company entry in the Official Show Catalogue with full contacts details and one colour picture of the products.
    - Company entry in the Online Catalogue with a full page profile, contacts, information and pictures of the products linked to the company website.
    - Company entry in the Expo Guide with exhibitors’ name and position on the floor plan.
    Moreover, all exhibitors will have the opportunity to publish a customized preview editorial page in the Aspettando TANEXPO “Waiting for TANEXPO”, featuring specials on products and news to be launched at the exhibition. For more information see Exhibitor Benefits.

    Marketing Opportunities:

    It’s also possible to enlarge the exposure of your participation with the many TANEXPO marketing tools: advertising pages in the Official Catalogue, advertising boxes in the Expo Guide linked to your position highlighted on the floor plan, advertising pages and/or advertorials on OLTRE Magazine (the monthly publication for the Funeral and Cemetery industry), banners on TANEXPO website and newsletters.
    For more information visit the Exhibitor Benefits page and contact our sales staff to find out the best solution sized on your needs.
  • How is TANEXPO being promoted?
    To ensure the largest attendance of professionals edition after edition, TANEXPO is promoted through the most important trade medias: promotional campaign in the Italian and internationals trade magazines, web, email, social marketing and focused newsletters sent to a high profile target. TANEXPO also takes part in the most important international funeral trade exhibitions.

During the exhibition
  • What are Opening Hours for exhibitors during the exhibition days?
    Exhibitors may access the halls from 8.30 a.m. every day.
    Visitors opening hours as follows:
    Thursday 1 July, 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
    Friday 2 July, 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
    Saturday 3 July, 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Is it possible to start stand dismantling or to exit goods before fixed times?
    No, it is strictly forbidden to start stands dismantling or exit goods before fixed times.
  • Is it possible to leaflet outside the stand?
    The distribution of leaflets, for the exhibitor and its represented companies, is allowed in the rented stand area only. Advertising and promotional activities in the exhibition centre and in adjacent places is governed exclusively by the organizer, that should be contacted for customized quotations.
  • Is it allowed to take pictures and film during the exhibition?
    No, it is forbidden to take pictures and film the stands and the goods on display without the prior authorization of BolognaFiere, the organizer and the stand owner, with the exception of authorized staff wearing special badges (official cameraman and his staff).
  • Is it allowed to broadcast music on the stand ?
    It Is recommended to exhibitors who want to use music and sound reproduction equipment to not disturb others exhibitors and visitors and to pay attention to regulations on noise pollution (maximum sound level permitted by law). We remind you also the obligation to abide, at your own expense, by prevailing copyright law directly to S.I.A.E. Via Orfeo 33/a, 40124 Bologna, Tel. +39 051 4290311 - 346681 – Fax +39 051 307 280.