Aspettando TANEXPO 2018 #7

After the first positive experience of 2016, Royal Plate returns to TANEXPO to exhibit plates produced with a printing system.
This is a very simple procedure: just a computer and a laser printer are required to obtain elegant personalized plates. No specific skills are required: the program has been created to be easy to use. The end result is a quality product, a necessary tool for funeral homes' daily work.
The plates, "made in Italy" patented, are made of plastic material, on request also biodegradable (ideal for cremations!) and are adhesive to allow maximum ease use when applied on the coffin. Available in oval or rectangular shape, plates are supplied with the name of the funeral home. The central part can be customized, engraved or finished with a special plastic film.
The app provides with many different decorations, images and phrases to meet every requests. It is also possible to print the photo of the deceased.
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