Waiting for TANEXPO #5

On the strength of its technical and production skills developed over 35 years of experience, GEM-Matthews International is able to offer advanced remains cremation systems, perfectly integrated into modern urban environments, to meet the needs of every customer.
GEM Matthews also provides customers with cremation systems for animals, an in-demand service considering the increasing number of pets living in our homes.

The Italian Company is provided with quality certification in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 and offers remote control to ensure continuity of service and programmed servicing.
The goal of GEM Matthews International Srl is to offer quality cremation solutions, with particular focus on respect for the environment and the success of its customers.

GEM-Matthews waits for you at TANEXPO to show their products and present the characteristics of each system.
Via Antonio Zanussi, 315 - ZIU
33100 Udine (UD)
Tel. +39.0432.524374
Fax +39.0432.529977