Waiting for TANEXPO #4

Pilato celebrates 55 years of design and for the occasion will present at TANEXPO two new hearses: Polaris QuattroPosti and Orion DuePosti based on Mercedes-Benz models. Come and see two of the major attractions at the exhibition in Bologna.

With the new E Class 213 models, Pilato renovates and transforms ​​hearse in an advanced and refined way. The new cars stand out for the refined design and for the many innovations designed to enhance the quality of the service.

In Bologna, Pilato will also present the innovative Jaguar models: GrandAurora four seater and Aurora two seater based on Jaguar XF and the elegant The Queen II, based on Jaguar XJ. 
Pilato waits for you in TANEXPO to celebrate his fifty-fifth birthday.