Waiting for TANEXPO 2018 #3

The Affresco expandable backdrops, produced by Prima Bottega Ebanisteria Italiana, are one of the novelties of Tanexpo 2018 and represent an evolution in the preparation of the farewell room: a system in which traditional curtains, screens and roll-ups give way to ready and handy structures with patented panels, special plaster sheets 2 mm thick, which can be rolled up and unrolled countless times without suffering damages and which, once opened, perfectly spread out like a real wall surface.

Each panel has the typical properties of traditional frescoes such as those performed on real plaster, with the same material characteristics of graininess and is embellished with gold leaf applied by hand that gives a touch of refined elegance.

The Affresco expandable backdrops are flexible, versatile and modular systems that adapt to the personal settings and functional needs to furnish all spaces; they are the answer to the search for a more modern and refined aesthetic taste, a valuable working tool that makes funeral companies stand out, increasing their prestige and consideration in the community.
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