MSP Metall Service Pedack (Alemania)

  • MSP Metall Service Pedack GmbH
  • Rheinhafenstr. 12
  • 76189 - Karlsruhe (Germany)
  • +49.721.1613121
  • +49.721.1613129
MSP Metall Service Pedack GmbH recycles all metals remaining after cremation in our recycling center in Karlsruhe (Germany),
MSP provides a complete recycling solution for crematoria.
This includes non-ferrous and ferrous metals, such as orthopedic, dental implants and other metals.
We guarantee a transparent process. With over 16 years of experience and certification we can guarantee quality.
Our service fro crematoria is one of the best in Europe.
This revenues from recycling are used by crematoria to donate to charity.