• CIROLDI S.p.A.
  • Via Nazionale per Carpi, 1591
  • 41123 - Ganaceto (MO)
  • +39.059.386012
  • +39.059.386215
Ciroldi is headquartered in Modena (Italy) and has for fifty years been operating in the design, construction and installation of systems for thermal destruction and refuse-to-energy incineration of various types of solid, organic and industrial waste. As complement to the above mentioned systems for which Ciroldi counts hundreds of references in Italy and worldwide, also thanks to our considerable experience gained in this industry, we have developed an articulated range of systems for the cremation of corpses and mortal remains (including pets), whose characteristic features are sturdiness, compactness, high technological and functional content, and full compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations.