EXELITÉ (United States) Hall 22 Stand C76

  • 2100 Ponce de León BLVD Suite 1175
  • 33134 - Coral Gables, FL (United States)
  • +57.3163265934 - +57.3125068819
  • gerencia@exeliteexequial.com
  • apatino@exeliteexequial.com
  • www.exeliteexequial.com
Exelité is a private company created to categorize the funeral industry through the implementation of indicators that measure the excellence of the industry at different levels of performance; As well as services for the funeral industry, which encourage continuous improvement through assessment, evaluation and audit processes for certification and categorization in funeral excellence under the CIEE standard "INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION IN FUNERAL EXCELLENCE".
We bring to the funeral industry a new way of establishing B2B business (business to business) through our select Club Exelité and other benefits to our affiliates.
We generate innovator projects in the rehabilitation, reconstruction and renovation of public and private cemeteries at the international level in order to restore to cemeteries their social, urban, cultural and environmental function.