NARBON (Spain) Hall 22 Isla Española A51-B48

  • Paseo de Yeserias, 33
  • 28005 - Madrid (Spain)
  • +34.915.598.488
We are a pioneering company in technological application and innovation that offers products and innovative services for the funeral sector. 
From 1924, we have done an important research and development job and we have bet for the creation of new solutions that have allowed that, today, we have a range of products with a high value-added differentiating and emotionally, that responds to the needs of the funeral companies and their final clients.
Product innovations:
  • 3DMemories: 3D printed objects made from their ashes or their organic matter combined with porcelain. Unique way to remember your loved ones.
  • Genetic Legacy: The best way to preserve the DNA of your loved one to prevent diseases in future
  • A site where family members and friends will be able to honor the passing of a loved one.
  • SisCom: The easiest way to manage the passing of a loved one.
the system that allows to spread directly the passing of a loved one from the mobile. 
In addition, it can configure all the managements about the funereal events.