A DOLOMITICA Hall 22 Stand B43

  • A DOLOMITICA s.r.l.
  • Via Cogonie, 14
  • 32044 - Pieve di Cadore (BL)
  • +39.0435.32996
  • +39.0435.33520
  • marmi@dolomitica.it
  • www.cinerari.it
Cineraries and ossuaries on the ground
The cemeteries changes due to the cremation and the location of the mortal remains, find in our family tombs, the location of several urns and boxes of mortal remains, where all their loved ones join.
Tombs for animals
The laws allow to keep the remains of our beloved animals both in the garden and at home, that is the reason why we have created a series of tombs for animals that could be located to the garden / terrace, or at home.

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