BALTEA D.C. Hall 21 Stand C26-C30

  • BALTEA D.C. s.r.l.
  • Strada Volpiano, 51
  • 10040 - Leinì (TO)
  • +39.011.9978444
  • +39.011.9989186
BALTEA D.C., world leader in the production of ceramic toners, it offers all the necessary equipment for photoceramics, customised assistance, installation service and technical assistance.
We suppliy all high-quality consumable materials and other accessories required for the photoceramic process: ceramic toners, printing systems, paper, lacquer, ovens, frames, etc.
We’ll be glad to show you our products and demonstrate the recent innovative technologies of Photoceramics: CANON C1+ printer which can print the flux layer directly on the image. Due to this innovation the border of cut decal is not visible anymore after firing!