EMISON (Spain)

  • C/Tecnología 82 pasaje C nave 15 - P.I. Llinars Park
  • 08450 - Llinars del Vallés (Spain)
  • +34.937.323.091
  • braso@emison.com
  • www.emison.com
EMISON manufactures crematorium furnaces of proven efficiency, low consumption and fully automated, which respect the current environmental regulations. The EMISON Crematorium, for human corpses, cemetery remains and pets, to the proven quality of all our products, join the latest advances in microelectronics and insulation, specifically applied to cremation ovens, achieving the exceptional results that have led us to be leaders in this field.
They are the result of a careful design and all the know-how of a team of professionals specialized in the construction of ovens. As a consequence our furnaces offer minimum maintenance, constant and fault-free operation, easy handling and work control.
The experience is a degree, and based on making ovens and talking with customers the teams evolve. We incorporate an ashtray to separate the collection of ashes from the combustion chamber, which, in addition to reducing the cremation time, if interested, the ashes can be removed without cooling the oven and thus continue with the successive incinerations that are scheduled for the same day. The customer saves time and fuel.
The oven is manufactured entirely in Barcelona, without the use of parts from countries in expansion, of doubtful quality and with the most modern materials, high quality and high-tech concepts, which allow us to offer a total guarantee of five years and a constant supply of spare parts. Our workforce is fully certified and qualified, and we only use the most modern materials, all of them of high quality and high technology.
The oven is delivered ready and ready to start working immediately, and quickly return on investment.
All our products are our own technology, the result of our R&D department, to which we dedicate 3% of our total turnover. This allows us to offer the best market prices by not having to pay expensive royalties. We are the only company that can offer a 5-year warranty on all our series ovens.
In addition to the guarantee of a company with more than 65 years in the market, always faithful and at the service of its customers, EMISON has its own technical service company, SATE, with delegations throughout Spain and many countries in Europe and America, which can be in charge of the direction of assembly and commissioning of the installation, train the personnel in charge of the furnace operation, and perform preventive and corrective maintenance, guaranteeing assistance in less than 24 hours. In addition, they can hire preventive maintenance, which in addition to giving priority to assists and discounts on the prices of spare parts, we make one or two annual visits to review the furnace and change the consumables, which extends the warranty of indefinitely up to 25 years.
We have original spare parts for all our immediate delivery ovens, even those over 60 years old.