• Società per la Cremazione di Torino
  • Corso Filippo Turati, 11/C
  • 10128 - Torino (TO)
  • +39.011.5812333
  • +39.011.5812390
SOCREM Torino founded in 1883 is a Social Promotion Association member of the Italian Cremation Federation. It promotes the practice of cremation and organizes cremation process in its crematoria in Turin and Mappano Torinese. Using the most innovative technologies in the field, SOCREM Torino guarantees the highest standards procedures. The cremation process is carried out with great attention to reliability and safety. It is also offered a non-religious cremation service, and a ceremony during ashes delivery. SOCREM Torino applies an integrated management system to certify, and continuously improve, quality, environmental sustainability, and safety.