• Vetromecc s.a.s. di Sacchetto G. & C.
  • Via Casteo, 42
  • 35017 - Piombino Dese (PD)
  • +39.049.9366625
  • +39.049.9367005
Funerart is a company specialized in the production and trade of funerary art, with a widespread distribution throughout the Italian domestic market. Among the products we can find votive lamps made by Bohemian lead crystal, marble cemetery accessories (vases and lamps), urns and other accessories such as flames in blown glass, insides, etc.

Founded in 2009 by Vetromecc, a company with a huge experience in the field of molds and equipment for hollow glass, has been able to quickly gain a broad consensus thanks to the high quality of products offered.

Thanks to their internal production department, is able to offer customers even customized products exclusively (such as flames with exclusive design or logos engraved or embossed).