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Onyx Crafts a trademark of CroXx Linc Int'l is a distinguished manufacturer and exporter of handcrafted marble cremation urns, onyx, biodegradable Himalayan salt, sand, and brass urns, urns for pets, candle urns, commemorative urns, commemorative candles holders and headstones.
The product we offer is available in various designs, shapes, stone colors, capacities and dimensions in the client's budget to meet the requirements and also accept customized design products. In order to preserve the remains of loved ones, including but not limited to humans, babies and pets.
Since we are having in-house manufacturing and manufacturing, we offer the best quality products in sand and onyx marble salts to develop unparalleled quality at a very reasonable price.
Our current collections are composed of the best cremation urns specially formulated by us for a brighter and longer lasting finish.
We are a Business to Business company. We sell only to the company network, importers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers and the funeral industry. We need your support and are committed to providing only the best, not only in terms of products, but also in terms of assistance.
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