MNEME Fotoceramiche Funerarie

  • R.B.F. di Burdese Fabio
  • Strada Antica di Grugliasco, 111
  • 10095 - Grugliasco (TO)
  • +39.011.4118716
MNEME - Remembering is living.
We know the importance of preserving memories, that's why Mneme, a company specializing in photo plaques for graves, was born.
Inspired by the mythological figure, daughter of Zeus and Mnemosine, Mneme represents the personification of memory.
Passion, technical know-how, study and research give life to a leading company in digital ceramic printing.
With the use of modern technologies, Mneme keeps the memory of our loved ones with high quality printings that remain unchanged over time. The raw materials used and the high temperature firing guarantee brightness, stability and resistance even outdoor.
Mneme has a wide range of porcelain, crystals, urns, scrolls and books made in Italy. This year, among the novelties, we present photo-headstones and photo-remembrances. In addition, we offer an efficient after-sales service, with the creation of customized samples and compositions.
As our company is booming, in TANEXPO we will be glad to discuss business collaborations with agents, retailers and wholesalers both in Italy and in the rest of the world.