PiùCarattere® di DIANI UBALDO

  • Via IV Novembre, 45 - Loc. Cantagrillo
  • 51034 - Casalguidi (PT)
  • +39.0573.527835
  • +39.800.847692
  • info@piucarattere.com
  • www.piucarattere.com
Diani Ubaldo by Diani Daniele with 60 years of experience in this field has created Piucarattere, the brand exclusively dedicated to stainless steel, bronze and colored italics.
The entire team will be present at the trade show, including my son Emiliano, an industrial designer, assuring the generational continuity from grandfather to father to son.
During the exhibition we will present the new catalog where, in addition to the fonts presented in 2016, you will find 22 new fonts to fulfill all your requests.
In Tanexpo 2020 we will finally present, after three years of testing, the adhesive italic, the new weather-resistant application that has been tested in a nautical environment, a state-of-the-art product.
This new item will be an important help when adding letters to the existing tombstones and especially for the installation of new ones, reducing work time and costs.
It can also be used on those tombstones that cannot be drilled.